Our glazes meet the specifications and needs of our customers.

We have a wide range of glazes

Glazes are mixtures that, on undergoing high-temperature heat treatment, yield a vitreous coating that provides the ceramic tile with its technical properties and beauty.

All our glazes are prepared from our frits and are adapted to each customer’s particular working conditions (both in terms of chemical composition and fusion, as well as physical characteristics). Younexa thus offers personalised solutions for every need and formulates glazes according to the customer’s specifications.

We have an extensive range of glazes, formulated to meet glazed ceramic surface requirements and provide resistance, colour, and texture. The principal characteristics provided by a glaze are transparency, gloss, depth, smoothness, cleanability, and colour development.

There is also a type of glaze, known as an engobe, which is applied as a base coat on the ceramic substrate to unify the substrate surface. The engobe provides whiteness and waterproofs the tile, improving tile quality. It also enhances key properties for our customers, such as hardness, resistance, cracking, and chipping.

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We have a wide range of micronised glazes and printing powders used for the final decoration of ceramic tiles. To be noted are the metallic, glossy, matt, satin, micro-relief, and other effects they provide. These printing powders can be applied by different technologies. At Younexa, we adapt our products to our customers’ needs.

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