Discover our complete range of grits adapted to each ceramic cycle.

Complete range of grits

We offer an extensive selection of grits, specially developed to produce a wide variety of effects, textures, and finishes.

Grits are glass particles with a precise particle size distribution that are applied to obtain different effects and structures, as well as specific technical characteristics, on the ceramic tile surface. Grits are applied both dry and wet.

Younexa has a broad spectrum of grits with a wide particle size distribution. Our grits provide digital inks with an excellent colour yield and valuable aesthetic enhancement. We have exceptional grits that yield singular colours.


As one of our most highly valued products on the market, KRYSTAL provides a high-quality natural finish.

Imagen 1 Krystal

Technology and innovation have together given rise to KRYSTAL, one of the market’s star grits. KRYSTAL constitutes a perfect solution for high-end finishes, with high transparency and mirror surface, or without light refraction, after the relevant polishing process.

This fine, light grit yields excellent finishes in intense tones and enables enhancement of ceramic tile colours. Particularly noteworthy is its ink colour yield and its extreme transparency after the final treatment. No less important is its use and effect in large-size slabs, with high-end finishes, and its ability to achieve zero surface porosity, high compactness, and scratch and acid resistance.

KRYSTAL is unquestionably one of the most successful grits on the market, owing to its great versatility and ability to achieve smooth surfaces, before and after polishing, which are rich and refined, for both ceramic flooring and cladding.

Types of finish

The same product enables two completely different finishes to be obtained, thanks to the different types of abrasives used in the polishing process.


Glossy finish with total transparency

Imagen 1 Krystal

Silky finish without light refraction

Imagen 1 Krystal

Technical properties

Smooth to the touch, before and after polishing

Full transparency after polishing

Very high gloss after final treatment

Enhanced colour intensity

Scratch resistance

Resistance to acid attack

High compactness

Low porosity after polishing

Surface uniformity

Dry as well as wet application

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Designed to enable our customers to achieve different levels of smoothness to the touch, while minimising ceramic tile light reflection.

Imagen 1 Korium

Korium constitutes a range of materials that provide appropriate technical properties for both indoors and outdoors, while meeting all our customers’ aesthetic requirements.

Korium thus offers endless possibilities, ranging from the most modern, carefree finishes to the most natural ones. Elegant, satin, aged ceramic surfaces, with different levels of smoothness to the touch, always minimising the finished product’s light reflection.

An innovative process enables KORIUM to mimic the natural appearance of clays, earthen floors, varnishes, metal sheets, and plaster. Different possibilities that evidence our bond with nature as a source of inspiration.

Technical properties

Wide range of hardness

Resistance to surface wear

Minimum light reflection

Adaptability to technical requirements

Adaptability to aesthetic requirements

Korium gallery

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