Exceptional Mattes

The natural look the ceramic industry has been looking for. Provides a smooth and soft finish that invites caressing.


The natural look the ceramic industry was seeking. It provides a silky, smooth finish that invites caressing.

Our Exceptional Mattes are the result of the research, development, and innovation carried out by our laboratories to achieve a specific ceramic tile surface hardness, combining a fine, subtle touch with the typical technical characteristics of a matt finish without light reflection at low laydown.

A range of matts capable of creating a SOFT TOUCH texture for surfaces that convey serenity and relaxation, and even invite caressing.

Undoubtedly, a very novel concept for ceramic surfaces that offers a new range of possibilities, fully adaptable to any product, by an innovative process that enables imitation of striking natural textures.

The production process for this type of matt is as follows:


Glaze + Disk + Keraminks + Disk


Porcelain Stoneware Tile

Glaze + Keraminks + Disk


Note that these finishes enhance the jetting effects. Exceptional Mattes are therefore ideal for projects that need to highlight micro-texture design, vein details, or simply high-satin surfaces.

Very hard, acid and abrasion resistant finishes are involved.

Exceptional Mattes stand out for their elegance and adaptability, bringing naturalness and sophistication to contemporary collections through their wide range of hues, which help create high-level products, capable of meeting the market’s technical and style demands.