New environmentally friendly compounding plant

Younexa starts up a new automated compounding plant and launches innovative, high-quality, environmentally friendly solutions on the market


Evolving and experimenting to achieve avant-garde, sustainable and excellent quality products are a constant for Younexa.

Our commitment to innovation and the use of new technologies while respecting the environment continue to be present among the novelties that we launch on the market after more than one hundred years of experience offering solutions.

Serving increasingly demanding markets and seeking a balance between excellent products that are both durable and sustainable, leads us to implement actions and modifications both in the production processes and in the management of resources at the La Vall D’Alba plant.

For this reason, Younexa is the first fully automated compound plant of our corporate group – Altadia Group, in accordance with its 4.0 industrialization policy to improve productivity and competitiveness worldwide.

With the purpose of offering the best solutions while minimising their environmental impact, other improvement interventions have been undertaken at their facilities, such as: the construction of new furnaces and the modification of those that were already working to improve energy efficiency through the installation of oxy-combustion processes. A process that replaces air with pure oxygen and reduces fuel consumption with the consequent reduction in greenhouse gases.

The soundproofing of enamel mills and the installation of dryers equipped with heat recuperators are other of the actions carried out at the company’s plant in Vall D’Alba.

The company’s commitment to product quality and the development of materials that protect the environment has led Younexa to develop new processes where technology and sustainability make the brand a benchmark in the frits, glazes, colours and inks market for the ceramic sector.