Younexa Space is officially opened

The new knowledge and connection hub for our customers. Evolving with you.


Coinciding with CEVISAMA, we opened our facilities in Vall D´Alba to introduce Younexa Space. This innovative space represents our commitment to excellence and collaboration, where we aim to weave strong relationships with our clients and suppliers, with the human factor being key in this journey.

Under the motto "Evolving with you", Younexa Space offers a tour through three exhibition areas: Korium, Dimensión, and Krystal. Here, visitors can explore the latest innovations and techniques in production, guided by experts in the field.

In addition to being a product exhibition center, Younexa Space is a dynamic meeting point. Our central area is designed to host a variety of events and talks, fostering dialogue and collaboration between clients and suppliers.

We invite you to discover Younexa Space and be part of our mission to drive innovation and sustainable growth in the industry. We look forward to seeing you soon!