About us

We are a dedicated, expert, updated partner

We are committed to meaningful innovation in frits, glazes, colours, and inks for the ceramic industry. Providing a concrete response to customers’ real needs by leveraging our expertise, backed by Altadia, a major group, which enables us to address any challenge.

Evolving and growing with you

We accompany our customers to make them better at their work

And we know that the only way to do so is to keep constantly updated, as we have always done.

Our team

What makes us different?

At Younexa we constantly strive to be our best.

We are credible in developing

We have been developing solutions and products recognised by our customers and the sector, in an agile, consistent way, for over 100 years.

We innovate meaningfully

Our innovation always responds to a specific need, the result of meeting each market and customer’s needs.

We create bonds with customers

We constantly accompany our customers, creating lasting relationships and providing comprehensive service.

We are part of Altadia

We are backed by Altadia, a leading group in the ceramic sector. Reliable and well equipped to address the challenges of the future.

Our values

Today, we are evolving as a brand and our values are substantiated, abreast with the times, every step of the way. Today, we are evolving with our customers, always by their side.


We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and offer them specific solutions.


An over 100-year track record has made us a benchmark in the sector.


We innovate to provide solutions to specific needs, the result of understanding and listening to the market.


We evolve for and with our customers, serving improvements that enable them to advance and grow.


We ceaselessly update, to always enable us to be our best.

Our history

Younexa has a more than 100-year track record in the world of ceramics.

This time has been particularly characterised by our product quality and our ability to develop new solutions. Solutions that have successively boosted our customers’ business and have received the sector’s recognition in the form of various awards.

A century-long track record and the emerging changes have enabled us to leverage the resulting experience and learning, making us a benchmark in the sector.

That legacy is helping us build a new, more humane, more contemporary stage, sights set on the future.

A future we imagine at our customers’ side, growing with them every step of the way.

Work with us!

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