At Younexa we pursue true impact

We have created a safe workplace, minimising our environmental impact, developing environmentally responsible products, and conducting business ethically and legally. And we stand by this today, and we’ll stand by it tomorrow.

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We benefit the world we live in

We know that sustainability is a force for long-term change.

Our values and principles are transmitted through our excellent-quality products and services for demanding customers, respectful and committed to nature.

Younexa addresses new challenges through innovation, the power of reinvention and adaptation, sustainability, and a glocal vision in order to be close to our customers and accompany them in their growth.

Younexa commitment

Our work is grounded in experience and commitment to innovation for developing high-quality, environmentally respectful products.

Younexa's integrated management systems (based on international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001) are developed according to policies aligned with its business mission (available upon request).

Technological solutions

Capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere in production processes.

Innovation and technology

Substituting materials by others that are less polluting or more durable, as well as increasing recycled water use, eliminating waste, and opting for substitution of natural gas by green hydrogen.

Environmental responsibility

Reduction of our carbon footprint in the firm commitment to the fight against climate change.

Social policies

Implemented in the company to assure a better future and balanced, sustainable economic development over time.

Our methodology

We analyse the impacts generated in order to make appropriate decisions that will help reduce risks for customers, employees, society, and the environment. Moreover, we pursue constant research into and evaluation of the raw materials we use, and we study the products manufactured and launched onto the market, in addition to analysing the production processes used, in order to establish ourselves as a company that is fully respectful of nature.

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Our results

Younexa Spain’s plants reduce water consumption through improvements in the frit production system (always maintaining quality). We use by-products as raw materials for frit manufacture, thus contributing to the circular economy. Moreover, electricity consumption has decreased by 75% in the production of compounds at the Suez plant (Younexa Egypt). And this has all been enabled by our commitment to new, improved technologies.

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